Gross font


Font name: Gross

Font style: Regular

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Basic font information

Font family: Gross

Font subfamily identification: Regular

Unique identifier: MarkoJovanovac: Gross: 2012

Full font name: Gross

Version: Version 1.000

Postscript font name: Gross

Trademark notice: Gross is a trademark of Marko Jovanovac.

Manufacturer name: Marko Jovanovac

Designer: Marko Jovanovac

Description: Freedom 0 the freedom to use the work, Freedom 1 the freedom to study the work, Freedom 2 the freedom to copy and share the work with others, Freedom 3 the freedom to modify the work, and the freedom to distribute modified and therefore derivative works.

The SIL Open Font License (OFL) is a free and open source license specifically designed for fonts and related software based on our experience in font design and linguistic software engineering. The main purpose is to enable a true open typographic community to spring up and grow. The OFL provides a legal framework and infrastructure for worldwide development, sharing and improvement of fonts and related software in a collaborative manner. It enables font authors to release their work under a common license that allows bundling, modification and redistribution. It encourages shared value, is not limited to any specific computing platform or environment, and can be used by other organisations or individuals.




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Gross regular

Gross regular is part of typographic restoration project LLTT.
Original sign is situated in city Opatija, Croatia.
More about the project you can find on LongLiveTheType(dot)com

Font is free for personal or commercial use.

Feel free to e-mail me back your comments and the font use.


Marko Jovanovac

Download zip file (65.7 Kb)130 views, 29 downloads